Summer Reading Club Newsletter!

I wanted to share a 60 second video of what this week looked like! I am so proud of these kids after just one week and I am so honored to get to be a part of helping them grow into confident readers!

Here's the rundown of what we did this week:

We ALL talked about goals for ourselves. My goal is for every single one of these kids to become more confident readers and build deeper friendships. I believe students enjoy learning more when they feel a sense of belonging that comes from cultivating friendships- which is why we practice working as a team, listening to our friends, and encouraging each other! We also have one very important rule: You may never say the word CAN'T. We can only say "That looks tricky, but I can try it!"

In Pre-K and K we practiced sight words using multi sensory strategies- shaving cream. We practiced "top down" letters and letter sounds. We are digging into vowel sounds to get ready for kindergarten and we all learned the sight word THE!

In 1st grade we played "Zap It!" to practice sight words. We spent time learning how to cross the midline- the imaginary line down the middle of our bodies  so our reading muscles can get stronger and better at storing those tricky, rule breaker sight words better! I'll send another email getting into more detail about crossing the midline because the benefits are endless!

In 2nd grade we practiced the focus trait + convention: PUNCTUATION! Where do commas go? We also talked about "voice" in writing and how different ways of writing can express feeling.

In 3rd grade we learned about inferencing! We practiced and will continue to practice using inferences to build on some very important skills of reading such as observing and being able to describe details, and making inferences based on what you notice and observe based on what you see and what you already know.

I hope your little ones are sharing all of the things they are learning and more importantly, I hope they are EXCITED about it. Please let me know if you have any questions! See you this week for another few days of fun in reading!!