Summer Reading Club week 2!


Hello Summer Reading Club Families!

I couldn't help but make another video of this week's fun!! Watch here!

We had a lot of BIG CITY READERS turn in their reading logs and get some prizes, sending me to refill my prize bins already! Please try to bring your child's folder each week so I can send home any print materials we may work on!

If you are an emergent reader parent, you might have noticed your child bring home some things with words spelled incorrectly. Can you believe this is on purpose!? This is called inventive spelling it is important to give young writers the space to take risks and and the freedom to write with confidence. It is developmentally appropriate even through late third grade for some spelling patterns!

Early Childhood classes are working on their rhyming! Every class we are using all 5 building blocks of early literacy: Read, Write, Sing, Play and Talk.

Pre-K + K practiced the sight word GO! We also used sand paper letters to practice the top-down pattern. We also practiced tracking print and are digging into CVC words!

Going into 1st grade group is building up their "tapping" of sounds and zeroing in on which "good reader strategy" they need to solve the word they are looking at. This week, we practiced "Lips the Fish" by getting our mouth ready to make the first sound. The rest will follow!

2nd graders are building up their knowledge of blends and digraphs (2 letters that make a new sound: th, ch, sh). We practiced sight words in a game called balloon POP!

3rd graders are still practicing inferencing as it's a heavy concept to master! We played a main idea vs detail game and practiced highlighting information in text and learning to notice context clues.

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