Fly Bye- First Grade Ready!

This week our first graders were introduced to a NEW reading strategy. Lips the Fish is securely locked into their reading strategy storage systems and they are ready to master another strategy. As a reminder, Lips the Fish is the concept and cue card we use to remind ourselves that while we may not know every long word, we can look at JUST the first sound and get our mouths ready to say it. This is a good strategy to practice even with more "seasoned" readers, as they get very eager to finish the word and sometimes skip over the first sound completely!

Anyway, the NEW strategy!! Fly Bye- because this summer really is flying! But also because it's easier for children to recall a strategy if they have a fun animal/insect attached to every strategy. Fly Bye is the natural add on after Lips the Fish is mastered because the two go hand in hand, or fin in wing ;).

Once students have noticed the first sound, this cue card will remind them to look at the picture for help to figure out the rest of the word. For example, in this photo, Fly Bye will help students know the word is a meal word, but Lips the Fish will help students know it is l-u-n-ch instead of breakfast or dinner. 

Quiz your little ones this week, they'll love it! Happy Reading!