Monkeying around!

Did you know the monkey bars are a GREAT way to help get your reader get ready to write? The monkey bars help strengthen upper body muscles and hand strength that is needed to do everything from sitting in a chair to holding a pencil and having thecoordination to write their name! In order to write their name the lower arm muscles must be strong enough for the wrist to hold steady and rotate to the appropriate positions. The fingers have to hold the pencil to meet the paper at the correct angle, the upper body has to be strong enough to sign an upright position, the upper arm has to hold the weight of the lower arm. SO MANY THINGS. Next time you think your little reader is just "monkey-ing" around at the park, you might want to stop and give them a round of applause for all their hard work in getting ready to write! #finemotor #grossmotor #bigcityreaders