Little City Readers

Does anyone read blogs? I just instagram. But, I should tell any of the blog reading moms about this awesome class you can join called Little City Readers. I have a confession to make. Little City Readers did not used to be my favorite class- for the sheer amount of set up and clean up! It took the most planning time and physical labor. But each semester I grow more and more in love with Little City. I cried this week when the last class left because I was so happy. I got a text from a mom saying, “I can’t believe how much he is communicating and how his confidence has grown in this class!” And another from a mom saying, “I wish we had this class every day!!” And, I do too! Because I see week to week the developmental mile stones these little ones are crossing off their lists and the ways they are learning to communicate with their grown ups AND peers! And the words they learn, the skills they master- like proper form in holding a paint brush! And it is truly an honor to get to be a part of it all. I love watching the grown ups become friends and the babies get messy. I laughed so hard my face hurt this week after one little reader literally cannon balled into the 1 inch water pool. I love this class and all these friends!

You wouldn’t believe all the things they are learning as they explore in this class- like emotional and cognitive development, their rate of verbal development, how to interact and share with other toddlers, how to be themselves and make decisions- like which sensory station they want to go to, process art exploration. They learn cause and effect from all these messy stations as they strengthen their fine and gross motor skills and coordination. Plus, all those signs we’re learning! Did you know—some studies have shown babies and toddlers that sign have greater confidence and self esteem later in life? Let’s not forget probably the most important part—the care giver/child bond that’s happening here 💕 it’s such a blast leading this class.