What to practice with your 3 or 4 year old!

Tracking print! The underrated skill to focus on for 3 + 4 year olds. And it’s easy! You can practice it by counting words you speak as you’re driving in the car! If you have a more eager little one, you can practice noticing how sentences end! Like .!? Clara picked this up so fast and LOVED it. In fact, this was a 30 minute giggle fest between cries all evening. As you can hear, the doctor came in to check her ears and she had a double ear infected and burst ear drum! But, still asked to learn to read! How could I say no?!


Letter formation! Letters start from the top and go down. It's important for little ones to learn this! You can practice it with stop signs, noticing green is the top light, ice cream cone scoops, etc. Just practice starting at the top! :)