infant and toddler classes


This fall we are excited for you to join us in Little City Readers! This class is full of songs, signs, beginning sounds and letters and sensory story time! Little City Readers classes are for babies through 4 year olds with their caregiver and runs for 8 weeks at a time. This is about growing on concepts each week, practicing following directions, communicating with others, learning to share AND and build on early childhood education. 

Babies and toddlers 3 months-4 years old will grow as readers and communicators using the 5 building blocks of early literacy and learn to communicate through signs, as well as building fine and gross motor skills through large group activities, practice opposites and executive functioning strengthening through instrument use and songs, sensory art, develop sequencing, ordering events, cause and effect, and 1:1 correspondence AND get our hands moving with a multi sensory process art relating to the story theme we are doing! Think: zoo, circus, space, monsters, flowers, ocean, animals. It's a blast!

This class will run for 8 weeks September 10-November 2nd. 

cost: $250/child. additional sibling over 3 months: $125


This class will have activities and stories geared toward older 2's (In the older 2's- early 4 year old class we will work on higher level skills like cutting, more extravagant fine and gross motor skills and practice some independent exploring! If you have a younger sibling for this class, they can still participate! 



Moving 1 year olds through 2.5 year olds will practice stringing words together, using hand cues and signs to get our mouth ready for more speech and sing and play and get messy with friends! All classes are open to all ages (3 months-3.5 year olds), the age group is just what the majority will be and the skills we will focus on! If you have a 1-2 year old, you will also be a good fit in the Friday class, Wednesday afternoon class, or Saturday class! 


New babies through 1 year will meet for some sensory process art, and have a lot of snuggles during circle song time :).

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Private Tutoring

Sign up for 10 sessions this fall. The fall semester of private tutoring runs from September 17-November 30. Schedule 30 minute weekly sessions or 60 minute weekly sessions. Discount package for tutoring + group class available.


Small Group Classes for 4 year olds-3rd graders

10 weeks beginning September 17-November 30 cost: $350

Small group classes! Kids learn best with others. These groups are about a lot more than reading and writing. Each group begins with a group game. We practice listening to others, creating a safe space where we all support each other where we are in our reading journey. We then have some independent stations and 1:1 time. We'll practice building fluency with silly accents, speed reading with different emotion cue cards, and writing stories together. Each group is a little different based on student needs, but all groups are a little messy due to multi sensory fun!


4-5 year old group

Students who are ready to practice letters in multi sensory ways, learn a few sight word songs, and develop a love of reading from the start! We will be moving around and getting messy often all in the name of learning to track print and understand phonemic awareness.


5-6 year old groups

This group is a split grade group for older kindergartners or first graders who know their letters and sounds, sight words, and are ready to learn more good reader strategies. Reading level does not change the group :) There is one on one time in each group and group activities. 


7-8 year old group

This is a group is a split grade group for first graders and second graders. 


8-9 year old group

This is a writing based group with a little reading too! For older second graders looking for a challenge and 3rd graders looking to dive deeper into word games and writing concepts like peer editing!